Thursday, September 27, 2007

An angry 6th grader

I just wanted to ask for prayer for a certain 6th grade boy.

I have been working in a 6th grade class for the past several weeks. Last week there was one boy who just started showing a lot of anger. He would write things about hating school and how terrible his life is. I was just so sad for him. This week I came to find out that his parents are going through a divorce. This explains why he is so angry. It is terrible for kids to have to go through this kind of thing.

Today I was wondering around the classroom checking on student's work. I came to him and he only had a few words written for his poem. I had asked the class to write a Cinquain about a family member. For most students this is a simple task. But for this boy it was very difficult. I read what he had on his paper and wanted to cry for him. His poem was about his mom and it consisted of words about her being evil and terrible and other things I cannot remember at the moment. I didn't really know what to say to him, and in a public school I cannot say what I would normally say to someone who is hurting so badly. This is why I am asking for you all to pray for him. He really needs the love of Jesus in his life as well as the love of his family. According to him everyone in his family is terrible.
Please pray for him.


Michelle said...

My heart is hurting for this little guy...I will be praying.

SJ said...

I will be praying for him and you as well. I have been in that public school arena and have dealt with many of those types of kids. While you can't "talk about Christ" you can show him that you care and model Christ to him. And you are so right - praying for him is HUGE! One thing I did that helped so much with some of my students (and helped me to focus on each of their needs) was I would go in earlier than my classes started and sit in their seats and pray for them.

I am so praying for you! God can use you in great ways!

Windy City Survivors said...

I will be praying for this situation. Divorce is such a terrible thing. It destroys everyone around the couple, especially their kids. I will pray that God will use you in this boys life. Hang in there!