Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"California is Burning"

"California is Burning" ... gee that sounds so wonderful. This was the title of the news tonight. Thankfully the part that is burning is not in my neighborhood anymore. I only had to evacuate for one night. It is really nice to be back in my own bed. Everytime I watch the news I am just amazed at how many fires are going on at one time. This is insane!! It just gives me another reason as to why I like Northern California. There aren't nearly as many fires up there. :o)

Here are some pictures I've taken in the last couple of days. The smoke pictures are from Sunday as my dad and I were driving back to the house after church in the afternoon. It was so crazy. It really made me think of cartoons when the evil comes over the land and the hero needs to come in and save the day. It was this HUGE black cloud. Well you can see in the pictures. :o) The others were from today. As I was leaving school there is this big field and the helicopters were landing there to fill up with water to drop on the fires. Also, as I was driving home tonight I saw 6 fire engines in a row heading out to where the fire had been near my house. 6 engines in a row is a common sight down here right now.

So crazy!!

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SJ said...

I am so glad you were ok - - - -those pictures made me think of what you described - yikes!