Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It is in sight!!

Yes, I know it is still early...But after the rough day I had today all I can think about is...
It is just a little over 1 month away. I'm so looking forward to relaxing this summer. This will be the first summer that I won't spend the entire break working. I'm praying that I'll come back in the fall feeling very refreshed. In case you didn't know I'm going to be spending the summer in Wisconsin with my grandparents. I'm so excited to spend a long period of time with them, hear stories of when they were growing up, learn how to make my grandma's cinnamon rolls, sewing projects, read (lots of reading), and go for walks in the evening. (Sigh) Doesn't that just sound wonderful! I feel relaxed just thinking about it.

Here are two of the projects I am planning on doing while I'm in Wisconsin. 
This one is for me. I already own this fabric too! Yay!
 This will be the first time I'll actually finish a quilt for myself. 
I'm excited for this one to cover my bed.

Not sure who this one will be for...I might just keep it too. :)
Now, to keep my brain focused on work for the next several weeks. Ha!
Ooo, but my birthday is coming up!! Yay! 30, here I come!

Off to grade papers!

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Stephanie said...

Love those and love that fabric - is that the one you bought here?