Monday, June 24, 2013

Wisconsin Adventure!

Well, it has been nearly two weeks since I flew into Wisconsin for my summer adventure. And what an adventure it has been so far! Here is a glimpse of what those two weeks have been full of.
  • 1 afternoon at the ER
  •  a freezing cold ER room – I think my toes turned blue
  •  several days of high blood sugar tests (hence the trip to the ER)
  • 1 HUGE Joann Fabric Store
  •  2 stops at McDonalds for cheap hamburgers – my grandma’s favorite
  • 1 quilt shop
  • 1 real cup of coffee
  • a lot of fried bologna – I’m about at my limit
  • 3 thunder storms
  • multiple attempts at running
  • 25(ish) min walks every night after supper
  • a little bit of sewing
  • finished reading 3 books
  • 4 trips to the library for free wifi

There have definitely been ups and downs in the last two weeks. The ER trip revealed that my grandma had a bladder infection, which is why her sugar was so high. So we were glad it wasn’t more than that. There were a few days that I really struggled being here and was a little stir crazy, but I’ve also been able to spend some great time in God’s Word over the last few weeks. My focus during my quiet time has been better than it has been in a while. My prayer is that I’ll be able to build a good habit of this quiet time and that I’ll be able to continue it when I get home and back into my routine.

It has been nice to spend time with my grandparents. My main way to help them right now is to make sure my grandma takes all of her pills throughout the day. That is the biggest struggle. She doesn’t like taking so many pills and she isn’t convinced that they help at all. She stands at the sink grumbling about the amount of pills she has to take. I just keep telling her that I trust her dr. And if he says she needs to take them then she needs to take them. She doesn’t like that I pester her about taking them though.

Today they claimed that their goal is to find me a husband and then I can buy the house that is for sale across the street. The house across the street is pretty cute. J


Jen Bauer said...

You've had quite the adventurous two weeks so far. I'm jealous of all the reading you are doing, though. I'll be praying that you can be consistent in your quiet time:) That's my prayer for me too. Glad you are having a good time.

Stephanie said...

I want to see a picture of the cute house across the street :) Praying for you!