Thursday, July 13, 2006

doink doink

Well, yesterday and today I felt like I was 'one' with Law and Order (hence the doink doink -- I watch way too much tv) Yes, I had jury duty. My first time and a memorable experience. I went in yesterday and sat around for a while listening to possible jury members being interviewed. Today I went back in and we were all told to go home. Pretty cool huh? I'm looking forward to get back to work. I really missed being there the whole day.

Next week starts VBS. Son Treasure Island! Oh how I love pirates. :o) Please be praying that the Lord will work in the lives of the kids who attend.

Oh yeah! Also pray for my helper at Day Camp. I don't think that she is saved. I pray that I will be a good example to her.

Bye Bye!


Julie said...

"Doink doink" huh? Lol! I love it! I'm glad that you can get back to work. Maybe they'll get you soo tired that at night you wont even hear the chalupa!

kludge said...


I'm posting this because I don't have an email address for you, and I'm hoping you have e-mail alerts turn on.

I'm trying to see if you are going to be in Santa Rosa on the weekend of Dec 7th, and if you are interested in sitting watch over my kids for a couple of hours? It should be light duty as they will be asleep though most of it.

Let me know


Peter Brown