Friday, June 30, 2006

too much sugar

The kids had WAY too much sugar today. There were a few birthdays at day camp today so we had a lot of sweets. I'm so thankful it is Friday. I am totally looking forward to the long weekend.
This coming week is Family camp for my church up at Hartstone in Potter Valley, CA. I have so many great memories there. Last year Julie and I drove up for a day and we had so much fun. I'm hoping that we can go up again this year for a day. I have great memories of being completely dirty, staying up late with my friends, sleeping under the stars, playing card games, learning to drive a stick-shift (that didn't go well), swinging on swings and so many more things. I love that place! A lot of people don't like it, but it will always be family camp to me.

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SJ said...

Jamie - we are so glad you all were able to come up! Maybe you all can come sometime for the week :) God bless!