Monday, October 09, 2006

birthday cake adventure

So today is my friend Stacey's birthday. My roommate and I thought it would be fun to get her a little cake and take it to her house to surprise her. We had it all worked out, bought candles and matches and the cutest little pink cake. So we got to her front door and lit the candles. The only problem was that it took her quite a while to get to the front door. So there I am holding this little cake, and the candles are quickly melting. There was also a cute little curly ribbon on it that very soon melted in the growing flames. My roommate was ringing the doorbell and knocking and we were both laughing hysterically. Finally I decided to just blow the candles out. There was a lovely puddle of wax on the top of the cake and running down the sides. Finally Stacey opened the door and we lit a few remaining candles, sang "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and told her to blow the candles out fast. It was so extremely funny. She had been in the bathroom and was the only one home. So much for having it all worked out. Hopefully it was a good birthday surprise even though the cake looked pathetic. It just showes that we care.

(Jennifer - don't worry another blog will be coming soon...the one you have been waiting for)


SJ said...

This is way funny!!!!! Did you happen to have a camera????????? How was decorating?

Jamie said...

Unfortunately, my roommate and I didn't think about grabing a camera. And we are mad at ourselves for that.
Decorating was fun, but my mom wouldn't let us put out the turkeys and pilgrims because she said it was too early. Those are my favorite! We have these blocks that say GIVE THANKS and everyday my dad rearranges them to say something different. It is hilarious.

jenylu said...

Hey Jamie,
That was pretty funny. I will be waiting for that I-5 blog --glad to hear it's on the way! :)

You should do a post on all the words your dad manages to come up with using the "Give thanks" blocks--oh, and one about all the answering machine messages he's recorded over the years--oh and one about his Christmas lights...

SJ said...


That is tooooooo funny - so when do the turkeys and pilgrims come out? When are you home for Thanksgiving?

Jamie said...

slow down Jenylu!! Only one blog at a time! I don't have that much free time. :o)

I'm not sure when the turkey and pilgrims come out...probably after Halloween. Hopefully I'll get home the day before Thanksgiving, but it is kinda a crazy time with Christmas concerts here at school. So I'm not sure, and it will be a short visit. But really Christmas is not too far after that.