Tuesday, October 24, 2006


by Kenn Nesbitt
"I'b sick," I pout ad blow my doze.
"I'b misseeg all by favorite shows.
I hab to stay id bed, you see.
My mob wode led me watch T.B.
She breegs me chicked soup
ad says that I should try to get sub rest.
Bud I'b too bored ad icky feeleeg
tired of stareeg ad the ceileeg,
achy, cougheeg, stuffed up too.
Bud thaks for askeeg. How are you?"
Yeah I'm feeling like I'm getting a cold. Fortunately I don't sound quite like that poem yet. I'm drinking Emergen-C right now to try and get rid of it fast.
Today one of my profs told our class that it is 2 months away from Christmas Eve. AAHHH!! This was not what I wanted to hear. It really woke me up to all the work I have to get done for the semester. Immediately I felt overwhelmed. But I thought about it and gave it back to the Lord so I know it will all work out for His glory. But it is kinda exciting to think that Christmas is so close. I'm looking forward to being with my family and relaxing, and playing in snow (hopfully). This year we are spending Christmas in Wisconsin with my grandparents. I am really excited to see them. It has been a few years since I have been there and they won't come to California anymore. :o) So it will be nice to be with them and my grandma makes really good deserts.
I've been stalling to write about something. I wanted to think of a creative way to write about it, but I haven't had a whole lot of time and just couldn't think of anything. So here it is plain and simple. I got my first speeding ticket. :o( I was driving home a few weeks ago and talking to the girls who were in the car with me. I5 just wasn't very busy and I wasn't paying attention...until I saw the CHP car behind me. I looked down and saw that I was going very fast. I wanted to cry but I didn't. I almost wish I did. I really dreaded telling my parents and put it off till I got home. I cried and told them and they just said "ok". I don't know what I expected but they were fine with it and knew I learned my lesson. And I have learned my lesson!!
Well, there you have my random blog. Now I'm going to sleep and get rid of this cold.


SJ said...

I am praying your cold goes away - Jeremy and I are trying to get rid of colds too! Cute poem! As for the ticket - well I can tell you that I got my first one and wasn't living at home and was afraid to tell my parents - the only reason I had to was because they were waiting for me somewhere when I got it - - - but what I really wanted to share was I did cry - -- didn't help at all - - - I had the least sympathetic cop in the world - - - he just handed me the HUGE ticket and walked away. To add to the embarassment - I had two of my cheerleaders in the car with me - - -so there was no way to keep the secret - oh well - didn't scar me for life. And look at it this way - it gave you a good post :):)

Hope you are well - look forward to seeing you soon! Oh- and I am going to Missouri for Christmas - I hope we both get snow :)

jenylu said...

Poor Jamie -
Hope you feel better soon. Like I told Kludge, my husband can recommend a good online traffic school that proved to be rather painless. :)

J Crew said...

I too have a cold Jamie. They are not fun. I hope you are feeling better