Saturday, October 06, 2012

Lovin' the Haircut

It has been a while since I got my haircut, but I still haven't posted a picture of it. Not the best picture of me, but here it is. I love my new hairdresser. She is great! I will definitely be going back to her.

Today was a fun day. Started out with some nice fellowship with ladies from church. Had some coffee and a muffin and listened to A close family friend share her testimony to the group. I love time of fellowship with my church family.

Next I went to my parent's house. As I arrived my dad was just leaving to go to an estate sale that had some tools. (my mom and sister had called him to tell him he should go to it) So instead of driving himself he hopped in my car and we went together. It was nice spending some time with just the two of us.

Elvis is in the building!
The afternoon was topped off with a family trip to the Sonoma County Harvest Fair. We were all excited to see how my dad's pumpkin did at the fair. We weren't disappointed. He got second place! Dad and Danika went on some rides while my mom, sister, and I found "treasures" in the vendors hall. We were pleasantly surprised with how much we found. One of the things I'll have to wait until Christmas to get, but oh well it will be fun when I get it. :)

It was a fun day. Finishing off the day with an Alfred Hitchcock movie (North by Northwest). His movies always remind me of college. My friend Kelley and I would have marathon movie nights where we'd watch a bunch of Hitchcock movies. It was the best! Nothing like a good suspense movie! Good times.

And there you have the random ramblings of Jamie. Lol!

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Stephanie said...

I LOVE your hair!!! I got mine cut and am loving how easy it is :)