Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Treasure

In my Sunday fellowship group we've been going through a dvd series by James McDonald called Gripped by the Greatness of God. It is such a great study. I've been challenged every week by the focus on God's greatness. One of them that hit me the most was the week when we talked about how awesome God is. Awesome is a word that is commonly misused. I misuse it all the time. Only God can be awesome! I've become very aware of how I use that word.

Today I'm treasuring how awesome God is.
In science I'm teaching my students about the solar system. We had a great discussion the other day about how awesome God is. With just a word He created so many things that we can't even understand. I can teach my students little bits of information about the solar system, but our awesome God knows so much more about it! How cool is that!

I love that I serve such an awesome God!


Stephanie said...

A really great treasure!

Jen Bauer said...

Super great reminder, Jamie!