Thursday, July 31, 2014

Needing Febreeze

     Yesterday grandpa told grandma that he wanted a cinnamon roll and some coffee. I don't think the above picture is what he had in mind.
     Grandma stuck the cinnamon rolls in the microwave, hit start, and continued with what she was doing. Not long later smoke was pouring out of the microwave. And by pouring I really mean pouring. They ended up just a tad over-cooked. Today the house doesn't smell like smoke as much as it did yesterday, but I think I'm going to get Febreeze anyway. I want to make sure the smell doesn't stay in the furniture. Yuck!
     I was feeling a little down yesterday. Grandma seemed to be in a nasty mood in the morning and was taking it out on Grandpa and I. It made me feel nervous about being here and living with them for this unknown period of time. I'm so glad that the Lord knows our every thought and every need because yesterday He supplied those needs that I didn't even know I had. 1) I was able to have lunch with some great friends from home. It was so good to see them. Betsy's family lives in Wisconsin and they were there visiting so we met halfway for lunch. It was a great distraction from the frustrating morning. 2) My mom talked to my grandma in the afternoon and asked how things were going with me being there. Grandma, without any hesitation, said they loved having me here. 3) I'm trying to make it a habit to help my grandma check her blood sugar every night before bed because she gets confused about the meter. Last night after helping her she cupped my face and very sweetly said thank you. Those things were just what I needed. 


Stephanie said...

Love moments like those - - - praying for you and knowing God's plans are good!

Stephanie said...

Hang on to those moments.