Saturday, December 06, 2014

Mist vs. Midst

       I'm so glad the Lord guides us to reread things! I'm constantly having to reread things.
       This morning in my Bible reading I was reading things all wrong. And I'm sitting here thinking to myself "That is strange. I don't remember reading or hearing that before." Not that I'm this great mind that remembers all I've read or been taught in scripture. But this stuck out to me.
       For whatever reason, ok I know it was the Lord, I went back and read the passage again. I had to laugh when I saw how I had read it wrong the first time. Luke 4:30 says, "But passing through their midst, he went away." What I initially read was, "But passing through the mist, he went away." Just a little different. I must be watching too much sci fi. Ha!
       Reading through the passage and a study guide I do believe that it was a miraculous escape from those who wanted to kill Him (Jesus). This wasn't the time God had prepared for Jesus to die. But I'm sitting here picturing in my head Jesus standing at the edge of a cliff, a mist forms and Jesus floats away in the mist over the cliff... I have a strange imagination sometimes. Anyway, it is amazing what a difference a few letters make when you are reading. And that wasn't the only thing I misread this morning.
       So all that to say, I'm thankful that even through our faults God teaches us and allows us to see His truth.

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