Saturday, December 13, 2014

Too much thinking

I really shouldn't stay up late.
Especially when I'm alone.

Too much time to think and overthink things. But then I guess it is also a good time to pray about it.

Wishing my copy of "When people are big and God is small" weren't in storage in CA. I really need to read that book at least once a year. Fearing what other people think is not something you stop doing easily. Here I just had a nice evening with friends and now I sit here remembering things I said throughout the evening and start worrying about what they thought when I said it. If a friend of mine were telling me this I would be reassuring them that what they said was ok, but it is hard convincing yourself. Have you ever noticed that?

So, what do you do? My initial thought...

I have no idea.

But when I sit and think about it I know that I need to pray about it and let it go. I would know if I had said anything really wrong. And when I think about it I know I didn't. I know that God has put these friends in my life for a reason. If I really did say something dumb they would let me know. But if they really do know me they would know that I didn't mean anything by the things I said. It all comes down to the fact that I may have said a few things that were embarrassing and I don't like being embarrassed. They have probably forgotten about it by now...they are probably sleeping by now. Which is what I should be doing.

Ok, going to bed now. Time to stop thinking about it. Sleep will help!

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Stephanie said...

Wish I were there to reassure you that I am sure they love you - you have a heart that draws people. Glad that God has placed people there in your life for such a time as this. Hope you got some rest.