Wednesday, March 04, 2015

God's Word

I'm super thankful for this packet of cards. They have seen me through a lot of stuff in my life. Every card is full of truth from God's Word. I made this ring of Scripture cards when I was in college, but I really started using it and adding more cards my first year of teaching. For a while I was in a good habit of carrying it around with me, but sometimes I fall out of that habit. Yesterday I came across them and decided I needed to try keeping them with me again. It is so helpful to have God's Word in my hands easily. I work at memorizing these verses and God brings them to mind at just the right time.  

Just last night I was praying through some 'what if's' I was struggling with. God brought to mind Psalm 118. I love that every other line is "His steadfast love endures forever." After some time praying and giving my 'what if's' to God I made a list of them and wrote this phrase after each one. What a relief to know I can say that phrase after every worry I can come up with. No matter what gets thrown my way God's steadfast love endures forever. Even if something is hard or makes me feel uncomfortable God's love is still there and it is better than anything I can think up. 

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Stephanie said...

How funny- I pulled mine out this morning and put them in my purse :) Love the cards!