Sunday, May 01, 2016

May Goals

I've been feeling inspired by my friend Jen over at The Accidental Domestic. Every month she posts what her goals are for the month and recaps on her goals from the previous month. I have issues following through with my goals, but maybe posting about them monthly will help me keep them fresh in my mind. So here goes nothing!

Health I've been following the Whole30 food plan since April 11th. I've adjusted it some because it is hard to follow it when I at someone else's house. But when I am on my own and can control it I'm following the Whole30. I want to make it through the month of May.

Financial Not long ago I mentioned that I'm saving money for a trip to Europe. Following a budget is something I struggle with big time! I make a budget and follow it for a few weeks and then forget about it (not sure if the forgetting is intentional or not). I want to follow my budget for the entire month. No ifs, ands, or buts.

School Plain and simple I want to be consist in grading papers. I teach 1st and 2nd grade and only have 11 students. It shouldn't take me that long to correct one day's worth of papers. But I save them all to the end of the week to correct which leaves me with a mountain of papers. If I spend 20-30 minutes a day before I leave school I could have almost all (if not all) of it done by Friday.

Home "Exceptional Housekeeper" is a title I could NEVER be given. Baby steps people. This month I'd like to go to bed with no dirty dishes in the sink. Like I said, baby steps. Don't worry I'll be cleaning my house still, but trying to build good cleaning habits.

Me Less tv time. I watch way too much tv. Half the time I'm just searching for something to watch and settle on something I don't really care about. Talk about a waste of time! This month I'm going to take away the channel surfing and only watch the shows I know I want to watch. And in the time I'm not watching tv I have projects to work on, books to read, and tons of music to listen to while I do it!

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