Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Summer Job

Well, my summer job is fully underway. This job is totally and completely different than anything I've ever done. I'm a secretary. A secretary who works out of a Dodge Ram. Not every secretary can say that! I answer the phone, write out estimate forms and receipts, make deposits at the bank, shop at Fleet Farm, drive the truck which is usually pulling an aerial lift, rake leaves (sometimes), buy blueberries (when my boss is having a craving) and sit in the truck. Most of the time I'm sitting in the truck. The only way that this relates to teaching is that some of the guys I work with act like junior highers.
There have been some jobs we've been at that I've had nothing to do but sit and wait for the phone to ring. That can get boring. So I've started taking my devotions with me. I've been going through the Gospel Project workbook. I'm totally behind, but still really like it. I've really enjoyed the time doing this at work. Sure there are times when I have to stop to move the truck or answer the phone, but that's ok. Here are a few things that stood out to me today.

"Sometimes we desire to escape difficult circumstances when God desires for us to interpret them and learn from them. God's plan is not just to bring relief but also to bring about growth in His people. Holiness is more important than absence of pain. If holiness truly becomes our greatest desire, then there is even profit from pain because we know God uses our trials to shape and equip us."

"No matter how inadequate we may feel, God sees us and says "Mighty Warriors!"

"The point of the story of Gideon and the fleece is to reveal God's patience with us when we find it hard to trust Him. God is willing to stoop down and reassure us when we are afraid."

"In response to God's grace, we are to answer God's call to service and trust in Him to empower our obedience."

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