Saturday, June 17, 2006

101 degrees

It has been really hot here in Santa Rosa. Yesterday it was 101 degrees. phew!
I worked all day at day camp and we were outside for a lot of it. It was very hot. And then I road my bike home. Lets just say I was a little tired. But I LOVE day camp. I am really having fun with the kids. We are all starting to get to know each other. The PreK and K are so cute too. Thier personalities are hilarious. There does tend to be a lot of tattling though and tears. But I like them a lot.
Today I went to a baby shower for my college pastor's wife. It was so nice. I am so excited that she is having another baby. Thier kids are SO cute and I know this new girl is going to be a doll.
Well stay cool!!

1 comment:

miriam said...

i miss you.
are you and emily staying in touch like you planned?
i love you.