Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Drumroll please...

Here are the answers
1)The pencil was invented in 1550, and it was a type of a paint brush
2)The eraser was added in 1858 (before the eraser they used bread crumbs)
3)There 2.8 billion pencils made in a year
4)A pencil can write 35 miles (in one line) or 45,000 words

Random facts I know, but interesting
Thank you for playing


kludge said...

I cannot believe HOW far off I was on number one! Clearly this paint brush thing didn't catch on for a number of years, given the fact that they were using quills in the 18th century. (this is what I based my answer on)

35 miles is astounding!

SJ said...

I was at least close on number 3 - I knew the way my students go through them that I should have guessed higher - - - - not too far off on number 2 (my kids just eat them off - - - ) and 35 miles is a long way!!!!! Cool - thanks!