Saturday, February 03, 2007

How much to you know about the pencil?

In class today I learned some interesting facts about the pencil and I thought it would be fun to see how much you know. :o) NO CHEATING!! Take your best guess and I'll give the answers in a few days (or when I need another break from homework)
1) when was the pencil invented?
2)when was the eraser added to the pencil?
3) about how many pencils are made in a year?
4) how long can the pencil write? (distance of one line or amount of words)


kludge said...

Okay, I'll bite!

1) 1890
2) 1930
3) 1 billion
4) 5 miles

SJ said...

Ok - so this is going to be complete guesses - -

1) 1859
2) 1900
3) Being a school teacher and knowing my kids use most of them, I am going to say 2 billion
4) 8 miles (shorter if it is a pencil used by a kid in my class since they constantly sharpen them until they are only like 1 inch long. )

Those are my guesses - - - probably no where near accurate but my guess

jenylu said...

Okay, Kludge is a smart geek & Stephanie is a smart school teacher. I'm going to be swayed by their collective guesses:
1) 1890
2) 1900
3) 2 billion
4) 5 miles

kludge said...

I'm dying to cheat!!! It's taking everything in me not to just Google this and find out...

...I can wait a few more days though...