Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A List of "Withouts"

Without trials there can be no maturity.
Without clouds there can be no silver lining.
Without clouds there can be no appreciation of sunshine.
Without rain there can be no rainbow.
Without rain there can be no vegetation.
Without the stress of the storm we cannot realize the worth of an anchor.
Without darkness there can be no rest.
Without darkness we cannot see the stars.
Without night there can be no sunrise.
Without threshing we cannot use the wheat.
Without injury and irritation the oyster will not produce a pearl.
Without a hammer and chisel the stone cannot become a statue, a work of art, a masterpiece.
Without crushing the flowers there can be no perfume.
Without trials we cannot be like Jesus.

~ Elizabeth George

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SJ said...

Great thoughts - good post! How are things?