Tuesday, April 10, 2012

An Interesting Lunch

Whenever I have days off in the middle of the week I try to have lunch with Julie downtown during her lunch break. Today was one of those times. We went to a little place downtown, but I'm not sure if I should name the restaurant that we went to.

Here is the story of our lunch...

We went to a small restaurant. We picked it because Julie had been there one other time. (Not that I blame Julie at all). It looked pretty nice, higher end decor, wine glasses on the tables, etc.
We walked in the door and the room was completely empty. We waited for several, I'm not exaggerating, minutes before the server came into the room. He was young and pretty full of himself.
"What's up. How are you ladies doing?"
"Um, we're good."
He asked us if we were staying dry. No, not really. It was an awkward conversation.
Throughout the entire meal he kept trying to make small talk with us. It was really weird.
As we were ordering I told him the sandwich I wanted and the side.
"We don't have that." (referring to the side I asked for) (and yes, he said it very bluntly)
"Um, its on the list."
"Oh, uh, we don't have that anymore. We just haven't taken it off the list."
Ok...he could have said it a little better than that.
A couple of other people walked into the restaurant while we were eating, but half of the time the server was in the kitchen. These poor people stood there waiting and ended up leaving because he wasn't there to help them. Yikes!
Julie and I had a nice time talking. While we were eating and talking the server kept on trying to make small talk with us. A couple of times he commented on the fact he had been gone for a week and the place was a mess. I'm sorry, but that is something you shouldn't talk to customers about.
Not only was there the odd server, but our food didn't come out the way the menu said it would. Kinda a disappointment.
Well, the meal continued on that way. And we both said that we would not tip him that well. As he was getting our check he was still chatting with us. He was asking us what we did for Easter.
When I told him that we went to church he said, "Oh, one time for the year?"
"No, we go every week."
"Oh, your just like my fiance."
Julie looked at me and mouthed "Poor fiance."
Needless to say we didn't give him a very big tip. We got out of there pretty quick. I don't think I'll be going back there again.
Our lunch date did end with a big finish...we stopped at Sift for a cupcake and cruffles. Yum!

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