Tuesday, May 01, 2012

30x30 - #23 - Check!

#23 - Visit a winery
I'm excited to say that I've checked another thing off of my 30x30 list! Yay! This one is thanks to my wonderful friend Stephanie. As an early birthday present she took me to a winery in Calistoga. We toured the Castillo di Amorosa. It is a beautiful castle! I loved the tour and the wine tasting was fun too. Gasp! Yes I had wine! I am a wimpy wine drinker though. Steph and I told the man serving us that we really wanted the sweet wine. The bottle I bought hardly had any alcohol in it. Ha! But I liked it. :) 
Here are some pictures of the fun day we had in Calistoga!

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Wendy said...

You are so funny...I'm a wimpy wine drinker too, because basically I want the kind that tastes as much like grape juice as possible. Love the pictures, glad you had such a fun day!