Friday, July 06, 2012

4th of July Fun

My parents hosted a great 4th of July BBQ. A lot of her great ideas were from pinterest. We all had a great time. I picked up this frame from an estate sale a few weeks ago. This is exactly what I bought it for. Great for photos of who came to the BBQ. 

 We all drank out of these mason jars topped with patriotic cupcake holders. Genius!

 Sidewalk chalk added an extra touch of decorations on the patio. 

This had to be the best pinterest idea my mom used. She froze water with food coloring in layers. Inside were 8 little plastic frogs. We were all given little squirt guns to work at melting the ice. (Somehow my dad ended up with a big one... convenient) This very quickly turned into a water fight. Thankfully they were small water guns. It was fun and refreshing. Dani eventually got out her play-dough hammer and began pounding on the ice. :) It was very fun. 

Frozen water balloons to keep the drinks cool. 

A fun day with family and friends! 

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