Friday, July 13, 2012

Current Favorite Hobby

I love quilting! I have to say that this is my favorite way to relax right now. I sit down with my rotary cutter, fabric and sewing machine put on a movie and have a ball! There are moments of frustration, which comes with any hobby, but for the most part it is so relaxing to me. Many people look at a sewing machine and get stressed out. To me it is a way to unwind. 

I've made 7 quilts so far. At least I think it is 7. I haven't been so great at taking pictures of all of them. 6 of them are baby quilts and 1 is a twin size. They've all been gifts. I have several quilts in mind for myself, but haven't gotten around to it. Hopefully someday soon. 

My sister is the one who got me started on making quilts. When I knew that my niece was on the way I decided that it would be special to make her a baby quilt. It is something made by me that she can keep for a long time. Once I did that one I knew that this would be a great gift for my close friends who were having babies. Just this year I've branched out to making bigger quilts. I'm hoping to make one to use as my bedding in my room. 

The most resent quilt I made is the one pictured on this post. It is the biggest quilt I've made. I was so excited to give it to my wonderful friend, Stephanie. I didn't tell her I was making it and I just picked out fabric I thought she would like. The best part is that she loves it and it totally matches her bedroom! Awesome! I was so glad that I could make this special gift for her. 

I'm no where near being an expert at quilting, but I feel that I'm getting better with each quilt I make. I'm really thankful for activities like quilting to help me relax. And it is fun to give the end result to a friend. 
God is good like that. :) 

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Stephanie said...

I not only LOVE it - it is a treasure to me! The time and love that was put in to it means more than words - I love you friend - and you do a GREAT job!