Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sorry for the vent session.

Needing to vent.
I'm so frustrated right now. I've been excited for the last few weeks because I bought a tv on 1saleaday.com. It wasn't a huge screen or anything, but it would mean that I wouldn't have to watch movies on my computer anymore. Yay! Well it came today and as I was setting it up I realized that the dvd player I bought didn't have hdmi, which for this tv it had to have that cord. So I packaged the dvd player back up, drove all the way to walmart and exchanged it for a higher end dvd player. Only $10 more, but then had to buy a hdmi cord. That was a little frustrating because they are not very cheap. So I get home set it up and the dvd I put in is playing, but there is no sound. I'm sitting in my living room looking through all sorts of manuals and websites trying to figure out the problem. Finally I go onto samsung's site and chat with a support guy. It turns out (!) that I bought a monitor and NOT a tv. (I want to cry) So yes, it can hook up to my dvd player, but it won't work on a remote and there are no internal speakers. Ugh! The guy said that I could probably get something to hook speakers up to the dvd player. Oh look more money to spend. And the glorious thing about 1saleaday is that there are no returns. So I have a monitor that isn't a tv and I can't even hook it up to my computer because it is a mac and I don't own a pc.
So what I had hoped to be an exciting evening of having my own tv has turned into a frustrating evening of being back on my computer.
Ok I'm done complaining now. Sorry that you had to hear me spew all of that out.

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