Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"Calm My Anxious Heart" by Linda Dillow

One of my lovely coworkers loaned me this book when I was going through some struggles this year. The table of contents caught my eye right off the bat. Chapter 10: Trusting God with the What Ifs. Chapter 11: Trusting God with the If Onlys. Chapter 12: Trusting God with the Whys. I struggle with those things all the time.
Unfortunately I didn't get to read the book and I need to return it to her soon. But I was able to catch some of the things she highlighted when she read the book. I now have this book on my amazon wish list. It is one I will probably get sometime soon.

Here are some of the highlighted statements that caught my eye.
"We can only trust God when our focus is on Him and not on our circumstances." 
"If we are to find contentment in the midst of trial and uncertainty, we must accept our situation as being purposely allowed into our lives by a personal and loving God."

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Stephanie said...

Needed this today - thank you!