Monday, October 13, 2014

Eric Carle, Flags, and Pete the Cat

 I love doing projects with my class! I'm thankful that we have an art teacher at our school, but I can't help but plan other art projects throughout the month. There are so many amazing ideas. The first couple weeks of school I read a bunch of Eric Carle books so my class. My 1st and 2nd graders loved them. They especially loved the amazing artwork that Mr. Carle creates for his books. So I just HAD to come up with an art project with painting tissue paper! It took us quite a while to get it finished because I only had a few kids paint at a time. But they painted large pieces of tissue paper red and blue. After they painted they used a popsicle stick to add lines or swirls to their paper. It turned out really well! I was so excited at how well my students did on this. Deep down I was afraid it was going to be a disaster. But they took their time and were very careful. 
I chose to have them make flags since we read about flags in history during the first couple of lessons. They had to remember how many red stripes to put on and how many "stars" (we just painted dots) to paint of the blue. 

When they were finished I let them use the scraps to make whatever they wanted. 
I made Pete the Cat rocking in his school shoes. :) 

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Stephanie said...

Cute!!!!!! What fun!