Thursday, October 16, 2014

Photo-a-Day {Day 1 - Selfie}

I've been trying to figure out what to blog about lately and found this fun photo-a-day idea. Technically it is for the month of May, but it's my blog I can blog what I want to! Hmmm...I should write a new song! Sounds catchy! I ended up changing the list slightly because I realized that day 6 was "Man Candy Monday." Didn't quite want to go there. Lol! So here is my list. 
  1. Selfie
  2. Fun
  3. Happy
  4. What you're listening to
  5. Funny
  6. Shoes
  7. Somewhere you've been
  8. Smell
  9. Love
  10. Something you hate
  11. Make-up
  12. Friend(s)
  13. Animal
  14. Memory
  15. Favorite movie
  16. What to look forward to
  17. Sweater weather
  18. Fall favorite
  19. Something new
  20. Wish
  21. What you did today
  22. Motivation
  23. What makes you confident
  24. What you're doing tonight
  25. Flower
  26. Dream 
  27. Smile
  28. Water
  29. Scarf
  30. Warm and cozy

Here is my selfie. I took it a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful day and I had the day to myself. I drove to Marinette and went winter coat shopping. I would have taken a new selfie today, but it is a bad hair day. Woke up too late to make my hair look like I wanted it to. Oh well, I like this pic. 

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