Sunday, July 24, 2016

Keeping God as the true King

       As I said in my last post, one of the perks of my job is that I have time to sit and read while I'm waiting in the truck for the phone to ring or to head to the next job. Some days I feel guilty about that and other days I remember that that was why I was hired and it is a blessing from the Lord. I've been able to have some great times in Scripture and for that I am extremely thankful. A few weeks ago I finished the Gospel Project study guide that I had been going through and it took me a while to order then next one. Technically it is meant to use with a group, but I do it on my own and I don't really follow the schedule they print in the book. Anyway, I finally got around the ordering the summer study guide (I ordered the fall one too so I'm ready when I finish this one) and it came in the mail this week. 

       Can I just tell you, God's timing is amazing! The first lesson was something I needed to read today. It applied to multiple things I was dealing throughout the week. It jumped right in to 1 Samuel 8 when Israel is demanding to have a king. The elders went to Samuel told him that they wanted a king just like other nations. Samuel didn't hold anything back and told them that is was not going to go the way they wanted it to and Israel still said they wanted a king. 

       Now, I could read this and just gloss over it saying Israel come on that was a stupid decision. I wouldn't have done that! They had God as their King and chose to give someone else that job. I would never do that! 

       Then I was asked the questions: "What are some things that make you feel secure? What are the signs that we are trusting in these things for our security and not in God alone?"

       Oh boy, once I read those questions multiple insecurities came flooding to my mind from this week alone. The day I cried to my mom over the phone about not making enough money. When in reality my bills are getting paid. Or when I was struggling with loneliness while at an event with a bunch of people. I am no better than Israel. 

       "Every life has a "king." A king in your life is whatever you must have in order to be happy and secure. And kings make all of their subjects into servants...You are either submitted to Someone who brings life--God--or you are enslaved to something that brings death."

       "When people who have been redeemed by Christ look to things in this world for protection, security, and validation, they start to look like everyone else. Forgetting their identity and the love that comes from a restored relationship with God, they become bound to a "king" they think will satisfy them. This is not what God intended for His people. This is not what He intends for you. He wants you to know the love and assurance that comes from knowing Christ. He doesn't want you to obsess over things in this world that hold only empty promises."

       I really needed that kick this weekend to get my focus back in the right place and make sure I keep God as my king and not let those other things sneak in there to take His place. 

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