Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hide God's Word in Your Heart

When I asked the Lord to help me make time to complete my Bible study lessons for the week I did have in mind sitting in the ER to do it. But that's what happened yesterday. I got a call from Grandma's Assisted Living home and left school early to meet Grandma at the ER. (She's doing ok now. Much better actually.) Not how I had planned out my Monday, but that is what the Lord had for me yesterday. Thankfully I had my Beth Moore study with me and was able to complete 2 days worth of my study. I was reminded of the importance of learning Scripture. I'm always telling my students how important it is to memorize Scripture, but am I practicing what I preach? If I'm honest, not regularly.
"Sometimes we don't know Scripture has taken root in us until we realize, in light of a particular circumstance, it was there, written in our hearts preparing us to navigate the moment. That particular word was alive in us and changed the way we acted or reacted in that impossible situation."

Such a good reminder. In the Beth Moore study I'm in she is suggesting that we memorize the entire book of 2nd Timothy! That seems so hard to me! I'm not sure if I should try to do it?! It seems impossible. Like something I'd give up on after a week of trying. Or I'd get busy and forget about it. On the other hand, the results of memorizing such a large portion of Scripture would be so beneficial. Still not sure what I will do. I just know I need to start memorizing scripture again.

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