Saturday, September 17, 2016

I heart Saturdays!

What a great day! 
Woke up this morning without an alarm clock. And actually slept in till 7! 
Enjoyed my coffee and vegged for a while. 
Baked cookies (from a package, not from scratch...but they were still tastey). 
Started dinner in my crockpot.
Organized a Mother/Son kickball game which completely stressed me out until it started. Then it was fantastic! The kids and their moms had a great time. It is going to become an annual thing for our school. 

Ate lunch and a couple of cookies. 
And now I'm watching a movie and working on special gifts for some friends back home. 

A baby quilt in the works.
I want to get this one done before I work on my new niece's quilt. 

This is my second cutting board gift for a wedding present.
I love how it turned out! Simple yet classy. 
I love Saturdays like this. I'm feeling so relaxed and the sun is shining outside! 
Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of this day! 
(and my crockpot meal is smelling really good right now!) 

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