Thursday, November 17, 2016

Look for the Good

This has been a rough week. I feel like I've been on an emotional roller coaster over the last 5 days. I've laughed, cried, snapped, apologized, cried more, and laughed more. All of that and not necessarily in that order. Then along with all of that come the feelings of insecurity, guilt, loneliness, and people pleasing (which really relates to the insecurity). My house needs to be cleaned and here I am laying on my couch in my pjs watching Project Runway.
Good thing tomorrow is Friday. I'm exhausted! I'm so ready to have next week off of work!

As I'm writing I'm reminded to look for good in every day.

  • I was super close reading my 10K steps today! 
  • Grandma is moved to a new room with the attention she needs in the stage of dementia she is in. 
  • I was able to laugh and share some great stories of Carol McCleod with a coworker today. 
  • My students are quickly and easily learning their new Bible verses! So thankful that the Lord directed me to teach our memory verses through songs. 
Sometimes you just need to stop and look for the good. God is good! 

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