Tuesday, October 25, 2016

In Memory of My Grandpa

Yesterday marks 2 years that the Lord called my Grandpa to be home in heaven with Him. I have such mixed feelings of my grandpa being gone. On one hand I miss him terribly and wish he were here to say "Goodnight Sweetie" to me every night and watch The Andy Griffith Show with. But on the other hand I know that in heaven he is having a wonderful time. He has a new perfect body and is loving being in the presence of the Lord. 
My grandpa was a really neat guy. Not everyone knew that. He was very quiet. But those who knew him well knew how great he was. He loved is wife and would do anything for her. He loved his children and showed great pride in his grandchildren. He worked hard, and I mean hard, all of his life. He was dedicated to his church. He loved music. And he loved to laugh. It was so fun to see him full on laughing and wiping tears from his eyes. But really even his chuckle and shaking of the head was worth the effort. 
Even to the end of his life those character traits showed. He was a wonderful example of what a husband, father, and friend should be like. 
I'm especially missing him right now. He was a die-hard Cubs fan. And he would be so thrilled to see his Cubbies in the World Series tonight. I'd like to think that he is in heaven cheering them on, but in all honesty I think he's enjoying the Lord more than he would his baseball team right now. So, in loving memory of him I will don his favorite Cubs hat this week and cheer on his team! 
I love you, Grandpa, and miss you dearly! 
Go Cubs Go! 

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