Thursday, February 02, 2017

Whole30--almost done!

Almost done with my 30 days of the Whole30! It's been going very well! I've "cheated" in a few areas, but not so much that I feel like it is making a difference. I CANNOT find bacon without sugar in it!! So I finally caved last week and bought some that lists sugar, but it isn't in the nutritional facts. So I'm taking that to mean that there isn't much. Fried eggs and bacon are my favorite breakfast on mornings that I work. I had one meal that was not Whole30 approved because I was invited over to a friend's house. It was pizza...I love pizza. And I only had a couple slices. And I totally felt like I had a rock in my stomach later. I've tried out some fantastic recipes this time through. Still completely loving the cookbook I bought.
I plan on taking a short break from the Whole30 when I'm done and then start right back up again. I'll probably start up after Valentine's day. case I get some good chocolate from my students. :)

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