Thursday, September 25, 2014

The car, the "late" night, and the hearing aids

     Ha! That post title sounds like it would make a funny children's book! Kinda wish it were a funny post. But it is more of a vent. I have to admit. This has been a rough week living with my grandma. Monday I was all ready to go to a new Bible study I was joining at church and got home to find out I couldn't use the car, which technically wasn't her fault but frustrating none-of-the-less. Tuesday I was majorly scolded for getting home late and making her worry ( was 8:00 when I got home). And today I was told that I don't like living here, because I told her I didn't like having to yell at her when she isn't wear her hearing aids. Don't worry, I'm not yelling because I'm mad. Yelling so she could actually hear what I was trying to tell her. Her hearing is really bad. Even with her hearing aids she is in a major habit of saying "what" after you say anything.
     Tuesday was the hardest. I was pretty steamed after our conversation, but I kept my cool and firmly but calmly stood up for myself. So thankful for my Dad and sister who talked me through it afterwards. They helped me focus on the truth and to calm down a little.
     After the comment from her tonight I asked my grandpa if I needed to talk to her about it. He didn't think I needed to and he reminded me that "Grandma is of the old school and she still sees you as a little kid." He told me that was just going to have to get used to her because she isn't going to change. As frustrating as that is to me I do agree. She turns 90 next week and is definitely set in her ways. I told him I understood, but also said that I was still going to stick up for myself if I need to. His response: "good!" Love my grandpa! And my grandma too even if she exasperates me at times.
     In the long run, I know that God is teaching me a lot through this experience. For one thing I'm impressed with myself for actually sticking up for myself. I am so not a confrontational person. I can think of many times when things were said to me that I didn't agree with and I didn't stick up for myself. I say I'm impressed with myself, but I really do know that it is the Lord. Thankful that God gave me the words in the moment and helped me remain calm.

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