Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cling to the Right Thing

Phil 2:14 "Do all things without grumbling or questioning."

I've always heard this verse with the word complaining instead of questioning. I was thrown off when I read it this morning. But when I think about the word complaining it really is questioning. When we complain we are questioning God's plan. Ouch! I'm continually telling my students that God has a plan and His plan is perfect. That is an easy thing to say and not as easy to live by.

Complaining = questioning

So how do we live out Phil 2:14? Well, we have to continue reading.

Verse 16 says "holding fast to the word of life..." 

If we cling to Scripture the grumbling and questioning will diminish because our eyes will be in the right place. When we grumble and question then our focus is definitely on ourselves. "I'm not happy" "I want this" "Why can't I have (you fill in the blank)?" These things are essentially telling God that His plan isn't good enough. If God can create the entire universe in 6 days wouldn't you think that His plan for you and me is thought out and perfect in His eyes? Sometimes I just want to smack myself on the head and say, "Come on, think Jamie!" This should be so obvious, but we/I so easily forget. That is why clinging to scripture is so important.

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