Sunday, November 23, 2014

{Day 13 - Animals}

The 2nd title of this post is "Gus Gus."

And there is no will understand why in a minute.

A week or so ago my mom and I discovered a mouse in the house. She saw it and I heard it run along the baseboard behind me. You should have seen how fast I moved across the living room. My feet did not touch the ground for a few hours after that. I'm creeped out enough by mice in cages that ones around the house like that make me shiver all over. My pastor here left a mousetrap for me in my mailbox at school because he heard our story. Still dreading the idea of using it. But I really don't want mice in the house all winter. (more shivers!) Mom and I named it Gus Gus.

Well, Friday morning I got up a little early and decided to make my coffee and breakfast before I read my Bible. For some reason it seems cozier to read my Bible with my coffee. I needed to wash the pan that I heat my water in so I went to the sink. There was dirty water left in the sink from the night before, which is unusual because my grandma is really into having a super clean sink. I stuck my hand in the dirty water, pulled the plug and as I was taking my hand out saw something floating. Praise the Lord I did not touch it!! Yes, low and behold Gus Gus drowned in the sink. (I'm shivering again!) I was completely grossed out and almost screamed! My hand had been in that water! I turned the water on super hot and dumped a bunch of dish soap on my hand and scrubbed hard. So nasty!
Disposing of the mouse was so hard, but I knew I had to be brave and do it. Ugh! It was already on a plate that was in the sink so I dumped it in the garbage can. Yuck yuck yuck!! Then I filled the sink with super hot water, dish soap, and bleach. I hope I never have to do that again.

Everyone keeps telling me that where there is one mouse there are more. So I have to be brave today and set the trap from my pastor. So not looking forward to catching anything.

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