Friday, February 05, 2016

Whole30: Day 27

I'm on the homestretch!

       The struggle I'm having at the moment is that it has been a busy week. And with a busy week I don't have as much time to cook. I've been eating ok, but not cooking as much as I was earlier in my 30 days. I came so close to cheating a couple of times, but resisted. There is birthday cake and chocolate fondue in the teacher's lounge today. :( I took a bowl of the fruit and left the room as quickly as I could.

       Once my 30 days is up I'm going to have to work really hard at making good choices when it comes to food. It could be so easy for me to just go back to my old habits. I have to remember how good I am feeling eating the right things.

       As of last weekend I've lost a total of 13 pounds. We'll see what the scale says tomorrow! 2 more pounds would be so encouraging. I'm definitely seeing a difference in my clothes.

       I think tonight I'll make fajitas and wrap them in lettuce. I found a fajita mix that didn't have sugar in it. I know I've said it before, but do you know that sugar is in almost everything! Good grief!

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