Monday, April 03, 2017

God is Faithful

Thankful for tangible ways that God reminds me of His faithfulness. Moments of stretching and drawing me closer to Him. Brokenness and joy. Tears and laughter...lots of laughter. God has been so good to me. The mug reminds me of a friend and causes me to pray for her. The bookmark brings me back to a trip to Peru. To friends I most likely will never see again this side of heaven. I may never see them again, but the bookmark reminds me to pray for them wherever they are and whatever they are doing. Though it may have been 10 years ago and I may not even remember their names I do remember the impression they left on me. Their love for the children they worked with and their desire to spread the Gospel. Oh, that I may make an impact on someone else's life like they did on mine. 

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