Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sonoma County Fair 2011

       I love going to the fair with my family. This year my mom, sister and I actually entered things at the fair. It is totally worth the free ticket in! I think next year I'll enter a few more things. It was fun looking for the things we made and what our friends made as well. I'm hoping to do a few projects with my class this year to enter into the harvest fair. Then we can take a field trip! Fun! 
       I have to say my favorite thing at the fair this year (other than the photo booth pic with Julie and Dani - pics to be posted as soon as Julie emails them to me - hint hint) was the turkey stampede. It sounds ridiculous, but I thought it was really funny. They lady who ran it had a funny personality and she had my family laughing the entire time. The turkeys were crazy chasing after a remote control truck trying to get to the food in the bed of the truck. It was hilarious!
The green one is the one mom made. Woo Hoo 3rd place! 
My photo of Dani jumping in a puddle. Didn't win anything, but I still love it!

Julie's 3rd place painting! Way to go!

Dad didn't enter anything, but he enjoyed the food. :) 

I enjoyed the food too! Gotta love Pasta King!
Eek! I don't have any pics of Dani! That is shocking! That is what happens when we bring more than one camera to places. Oops!

On another note...
School starts on Monday! Tomorrow night I have Back 2 School night! I know it will be fine, but I'm starting to get nervous. 

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Stephanie said...

Fun post!!!!! Yea for Pasta King!!!!!!!!!