Thursday, May 22, 2014

Label: Encouraging

As I've posted before, the last month or so has been full of some discouragement at work. I've had times when I've felt trampled over on a number of occasions. But in the last few weeks God has brought a lot of encouragement into my life. I'm so thankful that He hears our prayers and comes to our rescue. As a result of this hard time I've started a new label in my email account. (I'm kinda a crazy email labeler. If I save it it gets a label and leaves my inbox) My new label is "encouraging." For those times when I need to read something encouraging I can just pop into that file and remember the people God has put into my life and see how they have pointed me to Christ. God has truly blessed me with the people He has put in my life. So many godly people who point me to Christ.

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Stephanie said...

Great idea!