Monday, October 03, 2016

Here we go again!

I'm not too thrilled with how I've been taking care of my body lately. I've been eating everything and anything. And I feel awful! I'm afraid to step on the scale because I know I've gained at least 5 pounds and I'm afraid it is more than that. I'm trying to be better about using my treadmill at night which is good, but I haven't been consistent yet. I'm ready for a change!
Starting tonight (after I run to the grocery store) I'll be starting my Whole30 diet again. I felt so good when I was following that diet. It definitely takes a lot of time, but it is so worth it!  It's time I felt that good again. My lunch is not following it because I was out of town for the weekend so I still need to get a few things from the store. But once I get to the store there will be no more sugar, no more gluten, no more beans, and no more dairy.
I know I can do this!
NO excuses!

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