Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Looking Back & Looking Forward

       2016 was an interesting year for me.  It ended with a bang with the birth of my new niece Bryndall, but other than that it was pretty uneventful. Is it weird that before Bryndall was born the highlight of my year was that my parents and I got my garage cleaned out so I could park my car in it?
       It was a year of change for me. Friends got married and moved away, I began to grow less satisfied with my church, grandma's dementia grew more severe, small friendships grew into bigger ones, I paid off one of my student loans, and I turned off my cable. Ha! That last one is a silly one, but I'm saving a bunch of money so it makes me happy and not having cable is a change.
       I honestly feel so blah about 2016 which makes me feel blah about 2017. I really think that the blah's are a result of my walk with the Lord. I've struggled at being consistent in my prayer life and personal study of God's Word. But not only that, I've spent a majority of the year in a church where I'm not consistently being fed. As of this week those things are going to change. I'm working at making my daily walk with the Lord more consistent and Sunday I'm going to start attending a new church in hopes of making that my new church home. I've been praying for a loooong time about going to this church, actually a new church in general, and I feel the most peace about going to this one. But I'll also be praying throughout the month to see if the Lord does want me to attend there.
       I'm ready to push myself out of these blahs. I'm ready to make 2017 great. It's time! I'm excited about the goals I've been thinking about for this new year. I try not to make too many goals for the year and I'm trying to make them realistic so that they are achievable.

  • Read 25 books - I barely met my goal of 20 books for 2016. So adding 5 more books is a stretch, but I'm going to go for it! 
  • Pay off a good chunk of my student loans. I've found ways to save money in some areas so I'm going to put that saved money toward my loans. Dave Ramsey, I'm going to snowball them!! 
  • Eat right - My biggest enemy right now is my scale. I'm refusing to use it anymore. Instead I'm going to eat better and follow the Whole30 eating plan for longer periods of time and take care of my body. 
  • Get moving - I have no excuse in this area. I own a treadmill. I need to use it! 
  • Cross 2 things off my 40x40 list! - I have a ways to go on my list, it's time to get going! :) 
Ready or not, 2017, here I come! 

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