Thursday, March 09, 2017

Expect to Hear His Voice

Oh wow! God's timing is amazing...surprise surprise {sarcasm}

Yesterday was a struggle for me. Was having anxiety over something that I've been struggling with for...a long time. I was mad at myself and questioning why God is having me go through this. Not going to get into the details right now, sorry.

But anyway, last night I started a new Bible study at a woman's home whom my mom grew up with and I now go to church with. I went to that study hoping it would be a good one for me, but not knowing anything about it other than it was by Pricilla Shirer. Also went in hopes of asking my host if we could get together sometime to talk about the thing I'm struggling with.

The initial video was good and I left feeling that this would be a good study and I now have the number of my host so we can plan a time to get together.

All good.

Little did I know how God was going to touch my life just on day 1 of the homework for this study. He knew all along that this would be the perfect time for me to hear this.

The study is called "Discerning the Voice of God."
Week 1: Anticipating the Voice of God
Day 1: Expect to hear it

"When the circumstances of life seem to be closing in on us and we see no end in sight, we want to know how long we will have to continue calling out to God with seemingly no response. We also want to know why He would continue to allow the circumstances we face"

Yeah, that is exactly how I was feeling yesterday afternoon.
The lesson talks about Habakkuk and how he cried out to the Lord and then later the confidence he had in what the Lord was doing.

"While Habakkuk waited on god to answer, God was already answering...even though the prophet wasn't seeing God respond in the way and timing he expected, God was speaking and moving. He always is--even in His silence."

I was to make a list of circumstances that are troubling me currently and then take deliberate time this week to see God's handiwork in each of them.

"If we come to Him doubting His ability to speak, we will have a difficult time listening. So we must come expectantly" -- Charles Stanley

I'm not sure yet what God is doing through this situation I'm going through right now, but I need to remember that He is always speaking and moving and I need to trust Him even when I can't see the process. I need to put aside my doubts that things will ever change and listen.

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