Sunday, March 12, 2017

No TV...what a blessing!

Words I never dreamed of writing in my planner suddenly appeared there this week! I've always said I watch way too much tv. And then I'd justify how much I watch by saying I just use it as noise while I get work done. Well...sometimes that is true. But more often than not it starts that way and then I sit and watch show after show without getting anything else done. 
So, did I survive my week of fasting from tv? 
Yes! I most definitely did! 

       God gave me such an incredible week filled with Him. Instead of walking through the door after work and turning on the tv I turned on a podcast of a sermon. And as I listened I did things around my house and made dinner. Later I spent time reading a book a friend and I started reading together that I was way behind on (because of tv), reading Scripture, praying, working through my Bible study (which I don't usually complete because I run out of own fault), and reading another book I've been reading for fun. 
       I'll be honest in telling you that some evenings it was really hard. If I felt bored I really wanted to watch tv. Instead I turned on Pandora and read or got busy doing something else. I even met my goal of using my treadmill 3 times this week! 
       I had to be careful not to allow my time on the computer to just fill my tv time. Tuesday last week I found myself doing that and made myself stop. 
       I was so blessed by all the Lord taught me over the week. My focus on Him became so strong and I feel like I love spending time with Him even more. 

       This new week is going to look a little different. This morning in church we were challenged to fast in a different way as a church body so I'm going to do that which I'll post about tomorrow. But I really want to make a long term change in how I spend my time. This week I plan on saving tv time for the weekend and along with that I'm not going to allow myself to binge watch a show. An episode or two and then do something I need to do. I want to continue feeling this joy I have over spending time with the Lord! 

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