Thursday, May 18, 2006

Day 1 in Peru

Well, I'm here in Peru!
Our trip went really well. It was a long day and we didn't get to the house here until 1 am. But the Lord was so gracious. We were able to sleep in a little and didn't have a lot to do today.
Tomorrow we start working in the classroom. I will be teaching 1st grade bible (well just telling them a story, but that is something). And I will be tutoring 6th grade science. I never really knew much about bugs, but that is what I get to teach on. :o) We'll see how that goes. I am so excited to be here. The other teachers are really great! We had dinner with them tonight. What a group! I really like it here. I know that this trip is going to fly by.

Please be praying for...
salvation of students (many of them aren't saved)
good health
rest, sleep, however you want to put it.

Thanks for your prayers.

quote for the day: "don't step on the machette" said by me (funny story, but for another day)

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miriam said...

JAMIE!! yeah, you have a blog. you have to keep it updated because i have already added you to my favorites :-))'m praying for y'all...much love..
- miriam