Friday, May 26, 2006

still day 8

I thought I would write more since the last one was this morning before anything happened today.

We spent all day at the school today. School went well. Naomi taught the 3rd grade bible story and we all lead music. It was fun, but that class is a handful. After school tutoring went really well. I am really starting to like working with the 6th graders. We have a fun time, but I still don't think I could ever handle teaching that age all day long. That would be such a stretch for me, and they make me laugh so I have a hard time being serious. But tutoring them is fun. They really like to study science so that helps too.

Tonight we had Alta Ruta, which means some thing like the high road. It is for 6th grade to 8th grade. It was so much fun! They had set up a volleyball net so we were playing with a beach ball. (The only kind of volleyball I can play :o) It started out with hardly anyone playing, then these two older girls came in and were standing around so I went and pulled them over to play with us, they were reluctant, but I think they had fun. We played for a while. I really feel like I connected well with the girls. Even though my spanish isn't very good. I sat with them in the devotional time and at the end of the evening one of them came to find me to say goodbye. I am really excited about them. I really hope to see them next week.

There is another group here working at the school, they are from Iowa I think. They are doing some different work than we are, but we are seeing them at different ministries. The pastor who is with them spoke at Alta Ruta tonight. I totally had flashbacks of Mexico!! He had to be translated by the director of the school and it reminded me of Kevin and Ernesto. I sure do miss that time there. I know that the 7 years I went to Mexico prepared me for the time I am here and who knows what my time here is preparing me for. [Kevin if you are reading this you should send a group to Peru and I'll go too :o) ]

Tomorrow we are going to downtown Lima. I think that we are going to see some big buildings or something and some ruins. I really don't know and I am starting to get tired. So on that note I am going to hit that hay.
Good night one and all.

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Kevin Peterson said...

I may have to take you up on your offer, Jamie Lynn :-)

Praise the Lord for how He's at work!

In Christ,