Monday, May 22, 2006

Day...5 I think :o)

So Yeah, I've lost track of days. It is going well here. I am really tired tonight though.

Please be praying for:
more sleep (or enough sleep)
Naomi wasn't feeling good today; so that we will all stay well
Joy for the tedious tasks we are asked to do
and the salvation of the unsaved students.

Lets see what happened today. We are continuing to work with the 1st grade. They are so cute and are still shy with us at times. Some more than others. But they are darling. We taught them the wordless book song today and made bracelets with them. It was really neat. They learned the song pretty well and understood what we talked about. We tryed to encourage them to tell thier friends and hopefully those who don't know Christ as thier Savior will take it to heart as well.
During recess we played jump rope with them. WOW they loved it! There was such a long line of kids waiting for a turn.

After school I tutored the same 6th graders in science. I am learning so much about bugs. (yuck!) But the kids seem to be understanding it. So hey that works for me.

Oh yeah I forgot that I didn't write anything yesterday.
Church was great. Once again it wasn't what I expected. Their worship was pretty contemporary, something that I wasn't expecting because of my experience in Mexico, but it was great. (I use the word great a lot don't I?) It was really nice because for the service they had someone translating in the back so I hear english in a little radio thing ( I don't know what it was called). After church we went out to lunch with tthe missionaries who are in charge of teh school. We got to try some Peruvian food which was really good. I was a chicken though...I didn't try the intestines that they served there. It just didn't sound appetising to me. :o/ After all our bellies were full we came home and took a long nap until the evening service. It was a great day. (once again 'great')

Well, I'm going to head to bed. G'night sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite (I have 2 bites and it isn't fun)

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