Saturday, May 27, 2006

Day 9

Ok first of all I totally forgot to say last night that 2 kids accepted Christ at Alta Ruta!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! It was very exciting. I got to talk to the person who talked with one of the girls and she said that the girl really understood! God is good.

Today we went downtown in Lima. We saw a ton of things. It was a very touristy day for us. But we had a fun time. We saw the presidential palace and the changing of the guards, which consisted of a marching band (!) playing at the gates, we actually didn't even see the guards switch because we were watching the band. We went to an old church or monestary that is now a musium and got a tour which included the catacombs. yuck, I didn't like that part. I decided I would make a terrible Indiana Jones. But the cool parts of the tour were the library and the choir loft for the chapel. (surprise surprise) They were both beautiful and it was interesting to see the technology they used for lighting and sharing music. The music was printed on HUGE books and then they were placed on a rotating stand in the choir loft so that everyone could see it. Interesting. I really liked it. (I'm such a choir nerd)
Then we went on a bus tour which was really cheep. We went in a small bus up a very, very, very steep mountain on a one way street. :o/ At one point we had to stop and wait for a big truck to back inot another street so we could keep going. Fun times. I was nervous. The whole time a woman was talking in Spanish and I honestly didn't understand a word of it. But once we reached the top we could see all of Lima. It was really cool, except for the haze which covered most of Lima. :o)

Over all it was a fun time, but we are all worn out.
Tomorrow we are going to a different church. So I'm sure that will be fun.
Have a great Sunday!!

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Ash said...

That is so exciting that two kids are now kids of God too!!!!! How exciting!!!!! I've been praying and I'll keep praying for you all in Peru and the serving and ministry you are all doing there!

And don't worry you don't have to be good Indiana Jones Jamie HAHAHA!!!