Tuesday, May 09, 2006

getting ready for Peru

Well, this is the pretty impressive group that is going to Peru in a week (oh my a week!!). I am so excited to be able to do work for the Lord in this way.

God has totally blessed me with many chances to go to Mexico of week-long trips. And preparing for Peru has really made me miss going to Mexico.

I went for 7 years! Not 7 full years, but 7 times for spring break. What a blessing. I really miss the people there. I was able to make some great friends and watch kids grow up. It breaks my heart though to not know if i will ever see them again. I especially think of Marisabel. She was the little girl i looked forward to seeing every year. And every year it was hard to say goodbye to her. I really miss her. I pray that she is walking with the Lord. I think she might be in high school now or almost there. I have seen so many kids from that village walk down the wrong path when they got into high school, and it just breaks my heart.

I pray that the Lord will continue to work through the students who travel to that village every year. And I pray that the Lord will work through me as I go to Peru in a week.

Praise the Lord I am done with my finals!!!
( just a random side note)

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